Rydax Enterprises Inc.

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Our Story

We are a family run business based out of Saskatchewan. In 2005 and 2006 the Disneyland Resort was celebrating its 50th Anniversary and advertisements were everywhere. My family wanted to go but could not afford it. Plane travel was just to expensive and I am afraid to fly anyhow.

We knew that there had to be more people like us out there so we became inspired to start a business sending people to Disneyland via "express" Motor Coach. We planned a tour and fully expected it to be the only tour we ever did (if that). We took out some advertisements and received quite a shock! The phone kept ringing so we just kept planning trips. That first year we did tours in July, August, October, and December.

To date we have completed 26 tours to Disneyland and many times we are sold out one year in advance.

Barrett Tours is not a travel agency nor are we the transportation provider. Our role is to plan the tour and hire a motor coach company to actually handle the tour itself.

In 2014 Barrett Tours incorporated to become Rydax Enterprises Inc.

Please visit the website of our official transportation provider